New Album “Unhuman Rage”

5/oct/2015 – new album release: “Unhman Rage” by STEK FDD.
Include 17 tracks. Album with more Electronic sound.


5 Oct 2015 released on iTunesAmazon and other stores

1 Tokio Descent
2 Under Control
3 Shades Of War
4 Plan Of Attack
5 Extragalactic
6 Stripsearch
7 Unhumanity
8 Upload Firmware Into Us
9 Unit Of Fire
10 Monolith
11 Experimental Specimens
12 Raise Your Head
13 Voltage
14 Transformatic
15 Global Peek
16 Protected Horizons
17 Entergy

New Album coming soon

Time is coming.. and new album on 95% finished.
Album contain minimum 14 tracks.
New album name now is covered to pre-release day.. But we can said, its electronic album.
Stay on pulse, and we write when you can listen and pre-order new album 2014 by STEK FDD.

Rhythm based, trip-liked beats, its somewhere sound as oldscool from end of `90, but its very interesting project, that you must listen if like bigbeat, chemical beats, bands as Apollo 440, Lunatic calm, TCM and many many more electronic bands.

STEK FDD @ home studio

@ Home studioHey.. It’s Mike. I back soon with tons of tracks. I write tracks and now work with them in my bedroom. In next month I write live instruments in final versions and release my second album. It’s electronic big beat with industrial colors. So I work now on 3rd cd in live instrumental theme. You must wait it..

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