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One Of Us Been At Mars [EP] 2020

19 June 2020 – release date of 3rd studio EP by STEK FDD, “One Of Us Been At Mars”. EP written in few days  with inspiration to the work with pitch-shifters.

EP include 3 instrumental alternative tracks.  No electronic sound this time: only drums, bass, guitar with pitch-shiftings.

Prepare to new album, with guitars, and of course electronic sound additions.

Release Date:
Label: TheTurnMeOn
Catalogue No.: TRNMN-EP03

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STEK FDD @ home studio

@ Home studioHey.. It’s Mike. I back soon with tons of tracks. I write tracks and now work with them in my bedroom. In next month I write live instruments in final versions and release my second album. It’s electronic big beat with industrial colors. So I work now on 3rd cd in live instrumental theme. You must wait it..