Band bio

Cold aggressive and melodic alternative power electronic project. Experiments, beats, Industrial – its about this project. Autor of music – Mike Smirnov. Mike like work with session musicians and create feat tracks.

STEK FDD – started in 2005 as soundtrack project for pictures and games. Mike create many soundtracks as STEK FDD or STEK Concept Works.log.png

In 2006 release of first EP «Black Messa Unit [EP]». This EP contain 4 tracks – feat with Mike bands NEORAH, Sostojanie_Affekta and one live track from music festival.

Mike play in alternative band «Neorah» two years as keyboarder and sampler-man. Later play in Sostojanie Affekta. Its hardcore music with electronic.

In 2009 release new single «Cure Soundscape» and first big cd «Hero Generation» (18 tracks). Its fantastic work – there power sounds of bigbeat, breaks, alternative rock, power electronic, industrial.. In 2013 TheTurnMeOn label remastered album.

In 2010 release remix on NIN (head down), two singles «Mineback», «March Of Strangers».
In 2011 Mike release new remix on Duft Punk (End of Line).
2013 – remix on God Lives Underwater (From Your Mouth).

Summer 2015:
– EP “Shades Of War” pre-album release. 1 single and  2 exclusive tracks
“Unhuman Rage” second big album.. its Bigbeat album released by TheTurnMeOn

Get Press-Release by link (pdf)