STEK FDD @ home studio

@ Home studioHey.. It’s Mike. I back soon with tons of tracks. I write tracks and now work with them in my bedroom. In next month I write live instruments in final versions and release my second album. It’s electronic big beat with industrial colors. So I work now on 3rd cd in live instrumental theme. You must wait it..

Listen: All The Cool Monsters At Once

Episode 111: All The Cool Monsters At Once by James Alan Gardner


Music was March of Strangers by STEK FDD, and At Launch, Monster Promenade, One-eyed Maestro, Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Snake Lady, Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Mermaid, Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Act One, and Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Intermission by Kevin MacLeod Continue reading Listen: All The Cool Monsters At Once

Mike Smirnov – Without Gravitation

TheTurnMeOn Label publish new release: Mike Smirnov – “Without Gravitation [EP]”

Mike Smirnov project is easy melody music in freestyle, instrumental and art electronic, trip-hop and downtempo.[soundcloud id=’39392433′ width=’50%’]

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